First pictures of 'new Vectra's' classy, stylish cabin design.

Vauxhall has today released first pictures showing inside its Insignia family car, which gs on sale from October. The Insignia takes over from the make’s long-running Vectra saloons, hatchbacks and estates.

As you can see, it marks a leap forward in design from the Vectra, which had begun to look badly dated against its arch-rival, the Ford Mondeo. The Ford re-launched last year with an all-new body shape.

Vauxhall says it has increased cabin quality to feature chronometer-style instruments and expensive-looking seat fabrics and dash trim. It will have an instrument lighting system that Vauxhall says isn’t offered in any other car. The designers have added a warm amber light glow to the cabin to ease night driving. The instrument cluster is illuminated in white but this changes to red if the ‘Sport’ button is pressed.

A key element of the cabin is a distinctive ‘wing’ that flows across the dash and into the door panels. Vauxhall says the front seats and steering will offer an exceptionally wide range of adjustments, to suit from the tiny to the very tall. It will also have adjustable arm rests, a socket to use for your iPod and also a large multi-use storage box. Some models will also have an electronically controlled parking brake, replacing the manual lever Vauxhall otherwise fits.

Visitors to the Motor Show next month can see the car publicly unveiled.

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Stephen Jury


June 4, 2008

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