Nissan unveils new, all-electric five-seater

August 3, 2009 | By | In New Cars

Mid-sized hatchback will run 100 miles on a charge, and cost no more than regular rivals.

Nissan has unveiled the Leaf, its first mass market car to run on electricity. The zero emission five-seater is to begin sale in the US, Japan and Europe next year.

Nissan’s ambition for the car is for it give ‘normal’ performance and also for it to run 100 miles between charges. The company, Japan’s third biggest car maker, has lagged behind its rivals in developing petrol-electric hybrid technology but hopes instead to steal ahead of them by being the first to sell a mass-market all electric car.

A recharge will take eight hours using a standard plug linked to a regular house main s supply, but Nissan hopes, too, to offer a quick recharge service that will have owners mobile again within an hour.

Prices for the new, zero-emissions car haven’t been announced but Nissan says that when they are, closer to launch, they will be competitive for equivalent cars in its segment (it’ll be roughly the same size as a Volkswagen Golf).

Nissan has said that it will build the batteries for the car at its Sunderland factory and is hiring 250 staff to do this. It is possible, too, that the entire car may be built in the UK.

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