No price rise, but latest 'ultra-green' Toyota hybrid boasts more power, cleaner emissions and keener fuel economy.

This is the new Toyota Prius. Like previous models this Prius harnesses petrol and electric motors together to reduce exhaust emissions and boost fuel economy.

In this latest case it drops CO2 levels to 89g/km, making this easily the cleanest car of its size that you can buy. It also means that owners get a road tax disc for free.

Fuel economy, too, improves by 10% to 72.4mpg, which is something given that total power from its petrol and electric engines rises to 134bhp, which is a quarter more than the old car’s.

Whether it is capable of matching such impressive figures in real-world use may be an issue, though. For, the old one couldn’t get close to its published figures.

It is well kitted out, having seven airbags as standard, a instrument display that projects vital info on to the windscreen at the edge of the driver’s vision field, and a solar powered ventilation blower.

When it begins sale in August, prices will run from £18,370 – the same as for the current car. To read the review and watch our video verdict on the previous Toyota Prius, click here To read the review and watch our video verdict on the Prius's key rival, the Honda Insight, click here

Stephen Jury


June 11, 2009

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