Mini launches 'budget' model

July 17, 2009 | By | In New Cars

New Mini goes on sale for £10,950. It's got a 1.4 engine, and cuts the price of the cheapest Mini by over £1000.

This is the Mini First, a new entry model to sell from £10,950 new. The new car uses the same 1.4 petrol engine you’ll find in the Mini One, but here it produces 75bhp, not 94bhp. The new car is marketed to cash in on the scrappage scheme, under which owners of 10 year old cars can trade them in and claim a minimum £2000 discount on a new car.

According to, Mini has a similar car on sale in Germany, which has accounted for a third of all sales there. The car runs with a six-speed manual gearbox and incorporates energy saving measures including a stop-start system that stills the engine when it is halted in traffic. Its fuel consumption and emissions are impressive at 53.3mpg and 128g/km of CO2. But the payback is modest performance figures: 0-62mpg takes 13.2secs, which is 1.3secs slower than the Mini One and 3.4secs behind a Cooper.

Mini dealers will offer this model on a £99 monthly finance package over four years, although to get that deal you’ll also need to leave £4253 deposit. The car is available with various extras including the design package (£525), which offers a leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated mirrors and washers, body-coloured mirrors and chrome trim inside and out.

The car goes on sale today.

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