The Santa Fe by Hyundai has recently been name the safest large 4×4 vehicle. Reviewed in 2012, this specimen boasts a modern exterior, safety features galore, and optional seating for 7 – this is one 4×4 which is to be highly commended. The car even has a low CO2 emission to boot.

The 4×4 is not always a practical or indeed necessary choice of purchase, but for families growing in size, the Santa Fe might just prove a worthy investment. In fact, you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for amongst the 7 versions offered up by Hyundai.

The cars performance, ride and handling have been extensively reviewed since its release onto the market, and with the weather proving to be an extreme turn-coat of late, it’s no surprise to see that the 4×4 is still featuring highly on shortlist targeted to various types of drivers.

An upgrade on the previous Santa Fe model, the new version is certainly going all out to impress, and has established itself in the UK as a suitable and acceptable purchase – mostly due to its low emissions and its clear superiority over its predecessor. The car provides space enough for passengers and their day-to-day items, leaving families with slightly less logistics to worry about.

Kitted out with air bags – front, side and full-length curtain – side barriers and seatbelt reminders, you’d be hard pressed to feel anxious travelling in any seated location of this car. Delivering on safety, practicality and desirability aspects, the only deal-breaker left to unearth then would be the cost to ascertain one. Starting at around £25,000, it’s certainly not cheap, but the cost of peace of mind travelling from A to B with your family in tow could far outweigh this figure. With widespread glowing reviews, it seems the Hyundai Santa Fe is set to become the newest addition to many families Nationwide.

Sarah Lingard


February 20, 2013

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