Ferrari releases surprise new car called J50

Ferrari is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its presence in Japan with a new supercar.

The J50 is based on the 488 Spider, but comes with a completely redesigned exterior. The new car replaces the metal folding roof with a classic targa-style top, inspired by sports cars of the 1970s and 1980s.

The exterior styling has been radically altered with a new futuristic design and unique 20-inch alloy wheels. The front end is perhaps the most striking change, with the now iconic headlight design of the 488 replaced with narrow slats that house LED lights.

On the bonnet, a lowered centre line coupled with higher wheel arches gives the car a more aggressive look. Under the skin, the radiators have been repositioned to improve the flow of air through the car, while the windscreen has been lowered to increase air flow over the top of the cabin and on to the rear spoiler to increase downforce.

At the rear, the 488 Spider’s buttresses are replaced by a see-through cover that allows onlookers to see the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 in all its glory. The rear diffuser has been redesigned to look like a jet afterburner.

Inside, there are J50-specific trim elements on the seats that are designed to mimic the lines on the rear wing. The two targa roof pieces are made from lightweight carbon-fibre and can be stowed neatly behind the seats.

Just 10 J50s will be built, with each individually tailored to owners’ tastes.

Darren Cassey


December 15, 2016

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