Hot-shot limited edition of mid-engined sportster gs on sale, starting next monthA new sporty variant of Porsche’s acclaimed Cayman gs on sale this autumn. The new car, the S Sport, produces over 300bhp from its tuned 3.4-litre flat-six motor, making it the fastest production Cayman yet.

It’s got the looks to accompany the power. Standard colours are orange or green (as for the 911 GT3 RS) with the model name picked out on either side in black. It also has black-painted alloy wheels, door mirrors and intake grilles. Look inside for more black, this time in the cabin, where there’s also a unique circular instrument display. The gear lever, hand brake and steering wheel are wrapped in alcantara, while the seats are leather-trimmed.

This model also has Porsche Active Suspension Management as standard, which lowers the car by 10mm, while the wheels sit 5mm wider than they do on other Caymans. The car gs on sale in the UK on September 13, priced from £49,890. Just 700 will be sold and each will carry a numbered plaque in the glove box.

This makes it the most expensive version of this mid-engined sports car. At launch, critics praised the Cayman's amazing grip and balance, saying that in many ways it was even better than the iconic 911, but costing far less.

If you want one but can’t find the asking price then the entry model, the 2.7 with 245bhp, remains excellent at £36,220, while the 3.4 S with 291bhp is still appreciably cheaper than the newcomer at £44,250.

Stephen Jury


August 6, 2008

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