Audi A3: By Royal Approval

March 18, 2013 | By | In New Cars

Audis have long been the car brand of choice for the Royal family. Within Prince Charles’ vast garage, there is an A8 luxury limo which runs on biodiesel and is worth around £100,000, whilst Prince William favours an S4 saloon with a slightly less environmentally friendly V8 engine.

Not to be out-done, both William’s wife Kate and younger brother Harry also have the keys to their own Audis, with both driving an A3 hatchback – a small car with a premium, executive feel, a car truly fit for royalty.

The fact that Audi has the Royal ‘seal of approval’ is no coincidence. It is reported that St James’ Palace has an exclusive leasing agreement with Audi that secures them a 60% discount on new models and treatment that, as you would expect, is fit for a future king or queen.

But when money is no object, there’s bound to be more to it than just a good deal; so what is it about the Audi A3 that makes it so beloved by royalty?

The Audi A3 was produced as a small family car and has won numerous awards since it first hit the roads in 1996, including What Car? Car of the Year in 2013. Striking a balance between comfort and control, the A3 has a strong engine which handles beautifully whether you’re driving the streets of Chelsea or heading out on the open roads to a country pile. Although the car is capable of dynamic performance, and both Harry and Kate have alleged fines for driving infractions, it is also a classy vehicle which no royal family member would be ashamed to be seen in.

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