74mpg Volkswagen Golf begins sale next month

October 28, 2009 | By | In New Cars

Newest member of VW's 'eco-family' claims amazing fuel economy and runs clean, too Volkswagen has just opened the order books on its most eco-friendly Golf yet.

The new Bluemotion Golf promises to cover up to 74mpg across a mixed diet of driving, while pushing out low-enough carbon dioxide emissions to qualify for ‘free’ road tax.

These figures match those for the previous Polo Bluemotion, which themselves made news when VW introduced that car little more than two years ago. And, of course, the Golf is a bigger, heavier car. Right now, no rival is as ‘green’ except for Toyota’s Prius, which uses petrol/electric hybrid engines.

As with other Volkswagens wearing the Bluemotion badge, this latest uses a conventional 1.6 diesel engine but achieves its fuel-sipping performance using a whole range of tweaks. Key among these is a stop-start system that stills the engine whenever the car is halted in traffic and the gears are put to neutral. The engine restarts as first gear is selected. The gearbox has taller ratios.

The car sits as close to the road as a GTi and has sports suspension and a body kit, to help it slip through the air more cleanly. Easy-roll tyres are fitted, too. Finally, the car has a dash computer that nags you to change up a gear early for best fuel economy.

The engine produces 104bhp. It’s brisk enough to take the car from rest to 62mph in 11.3secs. Based on the entry model in the Golf range – the S – the car is nevertheless well kitted out, packing seven airbags, alloy wheels and semi-automatic air conditioning as standard. Five-door Bluemotion Golfs cost £17,910, while three-door models come in at £585 cheaper. Model for model, the Bluemotion is £785 dearer than the next model in the Golf line-up, the ‘standard’ 1.6 diesel S.

But it won’t be the only Golf to feature the Bluemotion badge. There’ll also be a model badged Bluemotion Technology, which also has a 1.6 diesel engine but which emits 107g/km of CO2 and clocks up to 68.9mpg. This model will be available with higher-spec SE trim, which includes VW’s auto-parking system as standard.

The first 99g/km Bluemotions are due in UK showrooms at the end of November.

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