Car dealers can look forward to a busy month with the new number plate launched on Saturday 1st March.

Tomorrow marks one of the biggest days for car sales in 2008 as Motorists keen to be the first to have an ‘08 registration plate are predicted to visit car showrooms in their flocks.

The new number plate system works in the following way; the first two letters correspond to where the car is registered in the country, NA to NY for Newcastle, for example. The next two numbers signify in which six month period the car was registered, 08 for March 2008, 58 for September 2008 etcetera, while the last three letters are selected at random.

According to Sue Robinson, director of the RMI’s National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) prospective buyers will get a good deal when they go car-hunting:

“The quality of modern cars, the purchasing deals like free insurance, zero per cent finance available from some manufacturers and very attractive prices all add up to a package to satisfy buyers across the spectrum of customer needs.”

The NFDA expect that approximately 442,000 new vehicles will be sold or collected by their new owners throughout March – if you’re thinking of buying a new car, this is certainly the time to visit the showroom.