For most dogs, a car journey is like a trip to Disneyland – a chance to feel the wind on their faces as they hang their heads out of the window and gleefully slobber all over the upholstery.

?However, for Tommy, the cute pooch in the above video, car journeys are a decidedly more fraught affair. As the world zips past, he sits in the front passenger seat of owner Adam Douglas’s car, cowering.

Adam has come up with a novel way of keeping his dog calm when on the road: holding his hand. Yes, watch as Tommy paws at his owners arm, only stopping shaking when he can hold his owners’ hand.

It’s a heart-warming clip enough to make even the most ardent dog hater say ‘awwwwww’. The Internet clearly agrees, with the clip becoming a sensation on YouTube, receiving thousands of hits.

Commenting on his YouTube channel, Adam said: “Can't believe so many people like the video. I only uploaded [the video] to see what the YouTube video editor?? was like so didn't expect this at all.

“I'll be sure to stick up a few more of Tommy's antics – maybe outside of the car though, a lot of you seem to be concerned about my driving, which I can assure you was perfectly safe ;). Glad you all liked it though.”

Daljinder Nagra


October 11, 2013