As many as one in every 20 UK motorists believe that driving while using a mobile phone is acceptable, according to a new study from Vantage Leasing.

The survey of 500 drivers found that 4.9 per cent thought that driving while using a phone shouldn’t result in any form of penalisation; the current punishment is six points on your licence and a £200 fine.

Thankfully, a larger percentage of motorists believe that harsher punishments should be dished out to those driving while using their phones.

Of the drivers surveyed, 27.1 per cent believed that up to nine points should be placed on the licences of offending drivers, while 14.1 per cent said that a month-long ban from driving should be enforced.

Meanwhile, 27.5 per cent thought an on the spot fine of up to £500, and 17.7 per cent sided with giving offending drivers a custodial sentence.

Just 2.3 per cent of the 500 surveyed believed that community service should be the punishment, while 6.4 per cent answered that a driving awareness course was a more suitable punishment.

Ted Welford


May 2, 2019