Sat-nav manufacturer Navevo has launched a new model for lorry drivers that alerts them when they are in an area where cyclists could be particularly vulnerable.

Details of accident hotspots, which are provided by transport officials, are programmed into the device, which provides both a visual and audible warning.

Currently the warnings only apply to London, where over 12 cyclists are killed every year, but the firm plans to expand coverage to other congested urban areas soon.

Updates, including new sites will be offered to ProNav PNN420 users free of charge.

Navevo chief executive Nick Caesari said: "The safety of drivers, cyclists and other users of the road is a concern for everybody and we are proud to lead the navigation industry by launching this world first safety feature."

The news follows a number of highly-publicised accidents involving cyclists and lorries, including the death of Dr Katherine Giles who was struck on her way to work in Westminster.

Her death even prompted discussion on a ban on lorries not fitted with cyclist safety kit from entering the Capital’s city centre.

Of the 53 cyclists killed in London between 2009 and 2012, 28 of them were involved in a collision with a heavy goods vehicle.

Volvo has also recently unveiled new cyclist detection technology, and manufacturers in general are reacting to an increased uptake in cycling.

"Thanks to the country's outstanding Olympic Games success, we have witnessed a resurgence of amateur cycling in London, one that countless working professionals now use as an alternative means of transportation. But in spite of their greater presence on the roads during rush hour traffic, city cyclists are still largely unprotected and this needs to change," said spokesman Phill Jones.

He continued: "Of course, one of the great hazards to cyclists is the reduced visibility of drivers, particularly those in HGVs, who often are too high to spot cyclists in their mirrors. Navevo's 'warning' software provides an intelligent solution to these concerns by alerting lorry drivers when they are within the specified cycling danger zones, which is a huge step forward for road safety in London. That being said, we urge drivers to remain as vigilant as they can, because relying on technology to drive safely is a very real danger in itself."

Picture credit: Navevo