Welcome to the first of our fourteen Motors Motor challenges!

For the first challenge, we filled our Motors Motor up with £20 worth of fuel and set off from Milton Interchange, just off the A34 near Didcot. But how far do you think our classic Triumph Dolomite Sprint can get on just £20 petrol? Let us know the total distance you think we covered, and you could win the prize to fuel your own motor!

Guess correctly and you could win a £50 fuel voucher for this challenge – plus every right answer gets you a chance to win our grand prize of £1000 Tesco fuel voucher at the end of the 14 challenges (£200 and £100 in fuel vouchers are also up for grabs to our runners-up). Now is your chance to get involved from the very start – not only is there £50 to be won with each challenge, but if you take part in each of the fourteen challenges, that’s fourteen chances of winning the grand prize!!

The cheapest place in the world to buy fuel is Caracas in Venezuela, where the average price of a litre of petrol will set you back a measly 2-3 pence!

£20 got us 14.62 litres at the time of filming, but of course, how many miles per gallon a car can achieve depends on the speed you’re travelling at, how economically you drive and the weight of the car – oh, and not forgetting the fact that the Motor's Motor hasa Rover V8 3.5 litre engine… just to mix things up a bit!

Good luck!