There’s a new daddy in the ultra upper class SUV market – and has been given the chance to taste the high life and get behind the wheel.

The new Range Rover Sport is a reinvention of one of the most popular and capable premium off roaders around, but is it any better?

Well, it’s lighter, faster and more agile for a start, and has managed to trim the equivalent of five grown men from its bodyweight in one almighty Atkins diet.

Based on the full fat Range Rover, unlike its predecessor which took underpinnings from the Discovery, the new Sport looks and feels like a bigger and prettier Evoque.

However, instead of giving it the usual road test treatment, we decided to try something a bit different with a tongue-in-cheek video showcase of the big beauty. Here’s a run down of what we thought.

Is it pretty?

Why yes it is. Designer Gerry McGovern has done a cracking job of mixing elements of the Range Rover with the baby Evoque to create the new Sport – it looks stunning both inside and out. The best bit, though, is the look of shock on the faces of drivers of the old model when you waft past. It’s such a dramatic leap on from the outgoing car that they sit open-mouthed as you cruise by!

Is it quick?

You bet it is. The new Range Rover Sport comes with a variety of petrol and diesel units, while later this year a hybrid powerplant will join the line up. However, there’s only one you’ll really want and that’s the 5.0-litre supercharged V8. It sounds like a WWII biplane and pulls like one too. The dash to 60mph takes just 5.0 seconds and it tops out at a limited 155mph. CO2 emissions are 298 g/km and it’ll drain petrol stations (and your wallet) at a scary rate of 22.1mpg.

Can it off road?

Like you wouldn’t believe. While it feels pretty stupid tackling rutted paths, gravel roads and hills you couldn’t walk up in one, the Range Rover Sport takes them all in its stride. It can wade in water to an impressive 850mm – and even has a sensor to tell you how deep the water is. With a host of clever electronic aids the new car takes over for you when the going really gets tough, applying the right amount of braking for descents, allowing you to simply steer. It’s unbelievably capable off road.

Is it luxurious?

The interior of the Range Rover Sport is on a par with the very best cars on the road today. It’s supremely comfortable with 14-way adjustable seats that are heated and cooled in the front. Even the middle bench of seats warms your behind! New for the Sport is a set of ‘emergency’ spare seats in the boot for those occasions you need to give your kids’ friends a lift home from school. They electrically rise out of the boot floor at the touch of a button. The centre console storage bin is big enough to store a bottle of champagne (lovely darling!) and even keeps it cool. The 1700W Meridian stereo system is mind blowing and you can spec rear TV screens for the little ones to watch Peppa Pig on too.

Can it drive through a Boeing 747?

Strange test, we know, but yes, yes it can. Check out the video below for proof of exactly that.

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The facts

Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8 Supercharged Autobiography Dynamic

Price: £81,550
Engine: 5.0-litre, V8 supercharged
Power: 510bhp 625Nm
Max speed: 155mph
0-60mph: 5.0s
MPG: 22.1 (combined)
Emissions: 298g/km

James Baggott


July 4, 2013