The car is arguably many people’s most important personal possession, as it enables them to get from A to B without the hassle of public transport or having to walk. But with the convenience and benefits of having your own car come the bumps, breaks and blemishes which are part and parcel of the British roads and weather. For many of these inconveniences, there is the added costs of getting them fixed, or having to buy a product to help return your car to its former glory. 

But what if you could fix these problems simply, with the items you've got lying around the house? are here to give you some easy solutions. To help you avoid any unwanted wear or hassle while driving, we've compiled a list of the top 10 smart car hacks you can use to make your beloved, ageing car look like it's in the same condition as when it came off the production line. Whether it's making your headlights seem brighter than ever, or simply some help getting into your car on an icy winter morning, our tricks of the trade will not only save you time and effort, but cash too. 

So that each hack is easy enough to follow, we've put together 10 demonstration videos on our site so you can have a look at how it should be done before letting loose on your car! 

Alongside our top 10 hacks, we are on the lookout for some original problem-solving ideas that you may already use on your car. If you think you have a unique, yet unorthodox method, share your hack using #SmartCarHacks and you’ll be in with the chance to win a £100 Virgin Experience voucher! See terms and conditions for details.  

Sarah Lewis


September 9, 2015

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