TV presenter Quentin Willson holds teach-in to keep buyers away from wrong 'uns.

This year, thousands of crashed or stolen cars will be offered for sale – and snapped up by unsuspecting buyers. And thieves will pocket close on £90m of your hard-earned cash.

To combat the problem, has got together with TV presenter Quentin Willson to produce Real or Rogue, the Safe Car Buying Guide.

It’s packed with essential advice on how to stay safe when buying and gives a step-by-step guide to how to check for a rogue car, what to ask to ensure that the seller is genuine and how to handle the purchase without getting ripped off.

To launch the guide, Quentin will be giving a car buying masterclass tomorrow (Thursday) at the UK’s biggest shopping centre, Bluewater, close to the M25 in Kent.

Watch Quentin's and's video explaining how to keep safe when buying

Download your own copy of the guide here.

Stephen Jury


March 25, 2009