This weekend, we’re letting the ‘Chicken’ out of the coop as we launch our brand new advert.

‘Chicken’ is the latest addition to our Carfuffle campaign, which acknowledges the sense of confusion customers often face when searching for their perfect car.

The advert follows car shopper Mark through his daydream in which a giant headless chicken, Hennifer, carries him uncontrollably through a seemingly endless field of cars as he is overwhelmed by choice.

Baffled by the search process, Mark is relieved to be snapped out of his trance by his heavily pregnant partner, who guides him calmly towards

Mark and his partner feel empowered by using our unique Smart Search. Here, they are easily able to search by lifestyle preferences and find the perfect vehicle that their growing family will love.

Watch the advert above, browse the gallery or try our Smart Search now; you might be surprised by what you find.

Find out more about our Carfuffle campaign and let us know what you think of the ‘Chicken’ advert in the comments below.