New research has revealed that UK motorists were hit with £135 million worth of fines during the period 2011-2012 thanks to CCTV cameras capturing minor motoring offences.

A staggering 1.32 million fines were issued during that period, which sees a 16 per cent increase on the previous year.

The figures have backed up claims from angry drivers and motoring groups that claim local councils are using CCTV technology to ‘spy’ on motorists and boost council coffers with the fines imposed.

The camera technology has been employed by a number of local councils to capture offences such as straying into bus lanes, blocking box junctions and parking infringements and the fines can be as high as £130.

Sarah Rice of the RAC said: ““It really does look as though motorists are being used to raise revenue for cash-strapped councils.”

“Cameras need to be set up fairly and signed clearly so that drivers are not unduly punished for minor errors just to generate more money for the authorities. Motorists are generally law-abiding and want to obey the rules,” she added.

Motorists in London have statistically been hit the hardest as 850,000 were penalised in 2012-2013 compared with 797,000 the year before.

Transport for London, which places CCTV cameras on the capital’s main routes, issues the most penalties, with a staggering 159,807 last year.

A large majority of the London penalties were for ‘moving traffic’ offences, such as straying into a yellow box junction with the remainder mainly made up of bus lane infringements.

A breakdown of figures for the rest of the country was not made available.

Leon Poultney


January 3, 2014

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