The majority of motorists are against the clocks going back this weekend, according to a study by dash-cam producers Smart Witness.

Over 70 per cent of motorists polled by the company said that they would vote for an end to the practice of adjusting the clocks by an hour for British Summer Time (BST) if there was a referendum on the matter.

60 per cent of those surveyed believed that a change would reduce the number of accidents and deaths on the roads, with BST currently meaning evening commutes and school runs are mostly undertaken after dark.

Smart Witness Managing Director Simon Marsh said: “The findings from the survey are very clear: the vast majority of people in England do not want the clocks to go back in October and think road safety is one of the main reasons why the law needs to change."


of motorists are against the clocks going back

A reduction in accidents isn’t just the opinion of motorists, either, with figures published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) showing that deaths on UK roads jump significantly over the winter months.

A report from The Department for Transport also suggests that the lighter evenings that would arise from the cancellation of BST would save around 80 lives a year, and that a change would be easy to implement.

RoSPA has proposed an alternative system, which it has dubbed Single Double British Summertime, in which the clocks go forward two hours in the summer and put back one hour from October to March.

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Don’t forget to put your clocks back this Sunday!

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Daljinder Nagra


October 23, 2013

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