Apps are now a part of everyday life, with a third of adults in the UK owning a smart phone, from music, photos, diet and games. Now it’s time for the motoring industry to embrace advances in technology. So here are some of the best apps for drivers;


This little gem is all about saving fuel and therefore money, which let’s face it can only be a good thing in these tough times. The app gives you audio and visual feedback on the changes you make to your driving style in order to improve efficiency. According to DriveGain users, driving at 60mph instead of 70 could improve fuel consumption by 10% and only add two minutes to journey times. The app is free from the Apple App Store.

RAC Traffic

RAC Traffic offers users a fully interactive map giving real-time road works, incident and traffic information, it then goes on to highlight the differing degrees of severity. A very simple but incredibly useful app, and especially great for those who don’t like the interment interruptions of radio traffic reports. Free and available from; Apple App Store, Google Play for Android

Petrol Prices Pro

The cost of most day to day items are creeping up in price, fuel most definitely being high on that list. This nifty app gives you location and details using GPS for the best deals on fuel. Although not a free app it’s well worth investing in as costs for fuel can vary as much as 10p per litre between town centre and motorway filling stations, you’ll soon recoup the price of the app! £2.99 Available; Apple App Store, Google Play for Android


This app is a wonderfully simple way of keeping all your info in one easy to access and easy to use directory. There really is nothing more frustrating than losing that important piece of paper for your tax, insurance or MOT. GloveBox also logs your car’s data, you can store more than one car’s worth of info, too, and alerts you when there’s a significant event due in your car’s life, such as an annual service or even when your driving licence expires. Priced at 69p and available from: Apple App Store Just goes to prove that there are plenty of apps out there to improve driving and make life just that little easier – just remember not to use them behind the wheel or you could risk three points on your licence and a £60 fine!

Sarah Lingard


February 6, 2013

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