More than two thirds (69 per cent) of UK people think electric cars are the future of the motor industry, new research has uncovered.

Conducted by innovation specialist MPA, the findings take into account a sample size of 177,880, who were polled via a YouGov survey.

In addition, 65 per cent of Brits agreed that we should drive less to save the environment.

The news follows on from 2018 when electric cars saw 59,945 sales in the UK – a record year according to the SMMT – which suggests the public’s adoption of EVs is only set to increase.

John Lowdndes, director at MPA, said: “The travel and motor sector is one of the industries that has seen the most consumer backlash from the increase in public interest in eliminating climate change, so it is great to see that so many businesses are already investing in innovative ways to be more sustainable.

“Factors such an increased customer demand for electric cars  and more sustainable air travel will definitely help in offsetting carbon footprints and will help the nation in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.”


December 18, 2019