But drivers are being urged to check their car before heading away on a vacation, with new findings from automotive dispute resolution body the Motor Ombudsman showing that 77 per cent would personally check or have someone in their household inspect the condition of their vehicle’s tyres before setting off.

The online YouGov survey of 1,496 drivers found that of those who would check their tyres beforehand, 55 per cent would make sure they were safe and legal the day before heading away, while 27 per cent would be more organised and look at them the week before they were due to leave. At the other end of the spectrum, 14 per cent would only check their vehicle’s rubber at the last minute – the day they were due to set off.

Motorists were also quizzed on what they would look for when buying new tyres. Half said they would choose them based on budget, with 32 per cent deciding based on the recommendation of a mechanic or tyre fitter. Just 30 per cent said it would be down to the level of grip offered by the tyre in different conditions.

Bill Fennell, chief ombudsman and managing director of the Motor Ombudsman, said: “It is pleasing to see from the survey results that there is a very high proportion of car users that would look at the condition of their tyres before heading off on their summer staycation.

“This is especially reassuring due to the fact that tyres play a key role in providing grip, stopping performance, reducing road noise and improving ride quality. Spending time carrying out the vital checks, such as fluids and tyres, can make all the difference in ensuring you get from A to B as quickly and as safely as possible.”

The Motor Ombudsman has just launched a new campaign urging drivers to check their tyres regularly and especially before longer trips.