But really a car is so much more than that, it’s an integral part of your life, one that plays a part in some of the most important moments you’ll experience. And it’s why, at Motors.co.uk, we think it’s so vital that you #SearchLessLiveMore.

More than Metal: Full length feature 

This week our adverts launched again on TV across ITV, Channels 4 and 5, Sky and many, many more and to celebrate we thought we would create our very own ‘More than Metal’ Location Road Trip – because after all the cars are always the stars in our adverts but what about those locations?

Lets go…

Firle Beacon, near Brighton 

The South Downs is arguably one of the best locations in the UK for unspoiled views. It’s why it both opens and closes our latest advert, and is a perfect start to your road trip.

Our chosen location is Firle Beacon, a 217m-tall hill that delivers commanding views across this ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’, and is arguably one of the most picturesque places in the South East.

Wedding scene – Firle Church, Firle nr. Brighton 

Without doubt one of the most important days in your life is getting married, and your car could play an instrumental part if you choose it to – as the classic Nissan Figaro does in our advert.

Our location here is St Peter’s Church, a beautiful 12th century church nestled in the backdrop of Firle Beacon, and a location that’s well worth a stop off if you’re in the area.

Packing for a family holiday – Leicester Road, Lewes 

The bane of any road trip is the packing – the thing you’ll probably leave to the last minute and then be in a frantic hurry to sort. But it’s one that plays a vital role in any adventure, and it’s here where having the right car for your needs is especially important.

Our setting is Leicester Road, Lewes – a classic, steep, terraced street close to the town centre of this East Sussex town.

First Date – Brighton Promenade, Brighton 

As we’ve mentioned already, cars play an instrumental role in some of the most important points in our life, and a first date is an equally important one. It could be the start of something wonderful, after all.

Our location is the iconic Brighton Promenade, with its wonderful backdrop making a perfect start to any date.

Telling Dad – Fish shop, Brighton 

Life’s most important moments don’t need to happen at grand locations, but rather the simple pleasures – a humble fish and chip shop for example, such as the Fish Bar in Brighton that’s our choice of location here.

No road trip is complete without some good grub, after all.

Football – Fishergate Park, Brighton 

If you or your kids like football, no road trip or day out will likely be completed without a kickaround, and especially if you spend all those Sundays down the sideline, you’ll quickly realise that a car is a lot more than just a lump of metal.

For our Motors.co.uk kickabout, we stop at the Fishergate Park recreational grounds to the east of Brighton.

Wee stop – Ouse Valley Viaduct, Haywards Heath 

And speaking of stop-offs, no road trip would be truly complete without those inevitable wee stops. But these don’t have to be done by the side of the A5 or A34, oh no, there could be a rather more beautiful backdrop – such as the picturesque Ouse Valley Viaduct that is a structural marvel across the Sussex countryside.

This location’s a bit further afield than others on this list, but is well worth the trip slightly further north, just beyond Haywards Heath.

Stay safe – always follow government guidance.

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