This week there was the news of a recall of 235,000 BMW Minis due to an electrical fault which could, in some extreme cases, pose a potential fire hazard.

The fault in ‘Cooper S’ and ‘John Cooper Works’ models was identified by the manufacturer’s internal quality control, and the company are now in the process of contacting Mini owners to arrange replacements of faulty parts for any affected vehicles.

Mini owners will be invited to have the part, reportedly an electric water pump, replaced free of charge at a Mini dealership. BMW Mini advise that this should take around one hour. Although minor faults are detected from time to time (as with any vehicle make and model), the Mini has long been known as an iconic and reliable car.

The Mini, which is made in Oxford with around 200,000 vehicles produced every year, is enormously popular in the UK, and was even the main feature of the 1969 British film (and its 2003 remake) ‘The Italian Job’.

Vauxhall have also issued a recall of 405,690 Corsa D models affected by a faulty brake pedal bearing. It is reported that the brake pedal bearing could fail when extreme pressure is applied. Vauxhall and the DVLA have confirmed that the effected D model Corsas are safe for use and owners can continue to drive their cars as normal, but any affected models should be taken to an approved Vauxhall dealer where the brake pedal bearing will be replaced as part of the manufacturer’s warranty. Vauxhall advise that it should only take around half an hour for an approved Vauxhall dealer to carry out this repair.

The Vauxhall Corsa is another ever popular car in the UK, particularly with learner and new drivers. It is considered both reliable and fashionable, being the teaching car of choice for many driving instructors and having won Whatcar’s ‘Car of the Year’ award and ‘Supermini of the Year’ award twice! The recall was announced in September 2011 and Vauxhall are in the process of contacting Corsa D owners in a staggered communication plan to ensure parts are available for all affected vehicles.