A survey has found that 59 per cent of UK motorists get stressed when taking their car in for its annual MOT.

The research by Co-op insurance quizzed 2,001 motorists about their experience with MOTs and also found that 20 per cent of those questioned described the whole MOT process as a “hassle and too much effort”. Nineteen per cent also said they struggled to find the time to take their car to the garage for its MOT.

When drivers were asked why they found getting an MOT stressful, thirty-six per cent claimed that it was too time-consuming, twenty-eight per cent stated that they didn’t like to make arrangements to get their car to and from the garage, and twenty-seven per cent found the ordeal difficult due to their lack of understanding around the technical terms used by engineers.

Once a car reaches three years old, it requires an annual MOT in order for it to be legal for road use. The test checks a range of vehicle parts to ensure it meets a roadworthy standard.

The MOT test was updated in May 2018 to become more modern. Consequently, it now features emissions checks as well as a range of new defect categories which were introduced around the same time. This deems faults to be either dangerous, major or minor. Dangerous and major faults result in an automatic fail, while a vehicle can pass with minor faults, although it’s recommended for them to be sorted sooner rather than later.

Nick Ansley, head of motor insurance at the Co-op, said: “MOTs may seem like a lot of hassle and effort, but they are hugely important to keeping our roads – and the drivers on them – safe.

“We’re trying out ways to keep the hassle of MOTs at a low, encouraging safer roads and communities.”

Ted Welford


March 18, 2019