A large percentage of UK motorists could be driving with seriously underinflated tyres according to a recent survey by Halfords.

Thousands of cars across the country have been parked up since the coronavirus lockdown started in March. That could have caused issues with not only batteries but also tyre pressures that have been seriously affected by the lack of regular use.

The survey of 2,000 motorists found just four in 10 could correctly identify the low tyre pressure warning light in their car, while around half of drivers have ignored it when it lit up. Underinflated tyres not only increase wear on the edges on the tyre, but can also increase the risk of a blow-out, affect the cars handling as well as increasing fuel costs.

However, the study did reveall that 68 per cent of drivers knew the correct tyre pressure for their car, or where to find that information.

With restrictions starting to be lifted, Halfords are urging motorists to ‘Get Road Ready’ by offering a free 30-minute service which checks the tyre depth and tread, battery health test as well as lights, coolant and oil levels. The checks, which would normally cost £15, are available at any Halfords retail store or Autocentre.

Follow this link if you want to find out more information about how to pump your tyres.