Most luxury cars are all about comfort, but Mercedes’ ‘Guard’ range adds a huge amount of extra protection for diplomats and other public figures (normally paranoid pop-stars) whose safety may be under threat.

Mercedes has just announced the toughest model in its special protection range, the S600 Guard – the first car ever to be “comprehensively certified” for the highest protection in its class. This leviathan limo may look like a standard S-Class but packs a wide array of armour underneath the skin to protect occupants from terrorist attacks.

Falling into the highest armour protection class the Guard features a reinforced bodyshell, protective steel plating and splinter proof glass. As a result, the windows are so heavy they have to be hydraulically operated. Mercedes claims that the S600 Guard is able to withstand rifle fire from military weapons and offers resistance to hand grenades – expect the Guard to silently appear outside embassies in conflict zones around the world.


Due to its weight this big saloon is limited to 130mph.


Helping ensure occupants’ safety the S600 Guard has a panic alarm, automatic fire extinguisher system and emergency fresh air supply in the event of smoke or an irritant gas attack. Opaque roller blinds for the rear of the cabin hide passengers from sight, while the thick rear windows are also heated.

A 530bhp, 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 engine helps the driver to make quick getaways, while the car has run-flat tyres and underbody armour so it can keep going through the toughest conditions. Brakes are suitably beefed up to cope with the extra weight too.

Being the marque’s flagship limousine Mercedes hasn’t skimped on the luxury kit, with smooth air suspension, air fragrancing, and a warmth comfort package, which warms surfaces around passengers to the touch. If the S-Class doesn’t meet your protection needs Mercedes has also made special protection versions of the E, G and M-Class models.

Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world, your new car has arrived.

Picture: Mercedes

Daljinder Nagra


August 6, 2014

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