Mercedes-Benz, a marque typically aligned with Germanic precision and understatement has increasingly been turning to celebrity culture to advertise its wares.

We’ve had pop rapper Tinie Tempah talking about clothes while being chauffeured around London by Reggie Yates, Professor Green has been seen clambering over Mercs in a recent advert for a well-known energy drink and R&B singer Usher channelled Jeremy Clarkson when he ‘reviewed’ the A45 AMG last year.

Now, the Stuttgart contingent has enlisted the help of a famous plumber to help shift its new GLA-Class crossover in Japan.

A new advertising campaign sees the chunky compact SUV transformed into 8-bit format, as it leaps around Mario’s virtual world, collecting and squashing mushrooms on its quest to save Princess Peach.

The car, which is being driven by the bouncy Italian tradesman, completes the level only to soar beyond the iconic castle – which appeared at the end of each stage in the classic videogame series of the late 80s and 90s – and warps into reality.

A rather terrifying ‘real-life’ Mario then steps out of the silver Mercedes and menacingly stares into the camera.

There’s a final pay-off at the end of the video but, in order to avoid upsetting Mario fans, we won’t divulge it here.

Leon Poultney


May 30, 2014