Mercedes has been at the forefront of automotive technology for some years now and its new Remote Parking Pilot is the next innovation.

In a video released on the Mercedes website, it shows how the new E-Class can be controlled from your mobile phone and also the other new features in action.

The demonstration firstly shows how the E-Class can be driven out of a tight space, in this case a garage, without the driver inside so that there’s no squeezing into the car through a small gap.

The video shows how it can be edged out of the garage so that the driver can then get in and drive away.

Also shown is the Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which puts the brakes on if the car detects a vehicle or person moving near to the back of the car if the driver is unsighted.

The main feature of the video exhibits the new Remote Parking Pilot, which after the press of a button on the central console starts sweeping the area for a suitable parking space.

After finding a large enough spot, the car then parallel parks itself with the driver only pressing the accelerator. It even moves forwards on its own to make sure the car is correctly parked in the space.

Author: Jack Healy