Mercedes has confirmed via a teaser video that it will be removing the roof of its AMG GT coupe in order to create a ‘GT C’ Roadster.

The 15-second-long clip was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, with no information other than a description stating: ‘Coming soon’.

Despite the video’s title giving nothing away of the new model’s name, the shadowy car shown in the video is unmistakably that of the GT coup? without a roof.

This will come as no surprise to fervent followers of the German automaker, as rumours of the planned convertible have been circulating for a while now.

Test mules have been spotted lapping the notorious Nurburgring, while Mercedes-AMG division chairman Tobias Moers previously told AutoExpress that the soft-top GT would make its debut in 2017.

While avoiding revealing details on the car’s engineering, Moers told the publication: “The convertible has moved well beyond the drawing board. It will be the next AMG GT model to arrive.”

He added that it will not cross over with the brand’s pre-existing SL convertible.

“The SL is a grand tourer,” he said. “This will absolutely be a proper sports car.”

Adam Pilon


September 14, 2016

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