The Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S has been unofficially revealed on the car brand’s own configurator.

It was German car magazine Auto Bild who first spotted the image and shared it on its website. The photo of the CLA 45 S has since been removed, but it could previously be found under the AMG Night Package.

To find it, users needed to head to the Mercedes CLA configurator on the German market version of the website and scroll down to the AMG aerodynamics package.

By clicking the ‘i’ information button in the corner there is also the option of the AMG Night Package, and it’s then possible to scroll through the images and find a picture of the new CLA 45 S.

Although the image was just of the rear of the car, and it’s suspected it was a case of mistaken identity that led to the upload, there are some key styling points that hint this isn’t the CLA 35 that remains available on the website configurator in yellow.

For starters, it’s got the CLA 45 S badge on the back – a major giveaway. It also gets a different wheel design, large red brake callipers and a quad-exhaust, all hinting to the extra power in this AMG Merc.

The Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S is expected to be revealed soon with it going on sales in 2020.