Five-year-old Ford diesel estate has travelled over half a million miles – more than enough to take it the Moon and back!

Almost unbelievably, this Ford Mondeo has clocked up over 532,000 miles. That’s enough to take it to the Moon and back – with plenty left in reserve. And it seems as if it will travel a fair distance more.

The car, a five-year-old, 04-registered, diesel LX estate turned up at a car auction in London. Despite its huge mileage – the biggest that auctioneer BCA can remember seeing – it attracted brisk bidding before a used-car trader snapped it up for £825. Because it is very much a one-off, it is hard to measure the car’s true worth. But a similar car showing 200,000 miles would cost around £1200, while a used-car dealer would sell one with a typical mileage for its age of 60,000 for around £4000.