Amphibious cars have long captured the imaginations of car enthusiasts. Since James Bond emerged from the sea in his submersible Lotus Esprit, the quest to perfect the vehicle that works equally well on land and water has been relentless.

Currently there are a variety of different manufacturers that claim to offer that very vehicle. From the acclaimed Gibbs Aquada, to the more esoteric creations to emerge from the gates of Swiss manufacturer Rinspeed, there’s plenty of choice, whether you’re filthy rich or merely just very well off.

But before you put a deposit down on your chosen model, check out the Panther. Built by US company WaterCar, it has claimed the title of world’s fastest amphibious vehicle, largely thanks to it being powered by a 300hp 3.5-litre Honda V6 motor.

Capable of 80mph on tarmac and a credible 45mph on the water, the Panther – which is based on a US market Jeep model, is the ideal car for both dune bashing and stalking speedboats in the bay. We want one, as I’m sure you do too, but at $135,000 (£79,165) we’ve got some saving to do.

Click play here to watch the Panther in action.