The latest version of the VW Golf BlueMotion is so economical a typical motorist will only need to visit the pumps ten times a year.

The new Golf BlueMotion offers fuel economy figures of 88.3mpg on the combined cycle, and CO2 emissions of just 85g/km.

With its 50-litre fuel tank, the Golf BlueMotion has a theoretical range of 970 miles. With many drivers covering less than 10,000 miles annually, it offers the tantalising prospect of only having to visit the pumps around 10 times a year.

The frugal Golf uses a 1.6-litre diesel engine, tuned for economy but still producing 109bhp, and features a host of fuel saving measures.

The aerodynamics have been tweaked with a blanked-out front grille, special underfloor panels and a small rear wing, while the tyres are specifically developed for fuel-saving low rolling resistance.

Weight loss also contributes to the car’s economy, with the body shedding 37kg over the old model along with additional weight savings from the engine and gearbox. Auto engine start/stop also comes as standard.

For buyers, the benefits don’t stop at sparse visits to the pumps, as road tax is also free.

The BlueMotion badge is used by VW to signify its most efficient models – although such is the pace of progress, the economy figures posted by the original 2007 Golf BlueMotion are now beaten by even the most powerful diesel Golf in the current range.

VW says that despite all the efforts to improve fuel economy, the Golf BlueMotion “still offers customers all the Golf’s traditional attributes of practicality, comfort and safety.”

Prices for the new Golf BlueMotion start at £20,335 (RRP OTR) for the three-door and rise to £20,990 for the five-door model.

Leon Poultney


May 2, 2013

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