A Kent based Entrepreneur will be praying for a heatwave this summer, after converting his diminutive Smart runabout into a mobile slushie dispenser.

Adam Trice had the brain wave (or should that be brain freeze?) when selling the drinks at a theme park and realised just how popular the simple combination of crushed ice and flavoured syrup could be.

Wanting to create something unique with his own venture, he decided to fit slushie machines in the rear of the popular Smart ForTwo city car to not only attract attention, but to easily set up shop anywhere he wanted.

His business, dubbed ‘Slush Hut’, is now doing a roaring trade, flogging his icy wares to shoppers outside the Dockside Outlet Centre in Chatham, Kent.

The budding businessman also caters for weddings and parties.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: “I sold slush when I was at the park and couldn’t believe how popular it was in all weathers and at any age.

"The car is very popular at the shopping centre because rarely does anyone walk past and not say ‘ooh look at that."

“It got me thinking that it was clearly a great product and how I could make it different to what’s already out there.

“I saw a Smart car selling coffee and knew it would work with slush and within a month I had my first car.

“I started doing events straight away, like weddings and parties and within the first month the store asked me to come outside so it took off from there.

“I do sometimes get asked why I don’t have a van but I took the passenger seat out and put shelving in so it’s surprisingly roomy and very quirky so draws more attention to the business.

“Besides, the car is very popular at the shopping centre because rarely does anyone walk past and not say ‘ooh look at that’.”

Adam charges upto £2 per serving for his regular flavours: strawberry, bubblegum, sour apple and raspberry, though can spice things up with a shot of your favourite alcohol at events.

“The adult parties are always fun – I get people coming to me with glasses with a shot of alcohol in asking me to pour them slush in.

“It’s very popular but everyone likes Disaronno with strawberry – it’s definitely the nicest but very dangerous.”

Having already expanded his business to include another vehicle, Adam hopes to increase his fleet and eventually franchise his company to increase its profile nationwide.

Picture" Twitter/@SlushHut