When people run into a bit of money they often pop to their local speedboat dealership and lay down a hefty deposit on some sleek, powerful watercraft for the odd weekend jaunt.

But Motors.co.uk has stumbled upon possibly the greatest use of £40,000 known to man in the form of The Seabreacher – an aquatic masterpiece constructed from old fighter jets that is capable of speeding underwater like a submarine or breaching the surface for aerial displays of awesomeness.

It costs around £40,000 but for that money you get a toy that James Bond would be jealous of.

Created by water sports fanatics Rob Innes and Dan Piazza from New Zealand, the Innerspace Seabreachers are submersible watercraft that feature a 256bhp supercharged engine that’s capable of propelling the fish-like machine well clear of the water level.

Three models are available: The Seabreacher X, that’s designed to look like a shark, the Seabreacher Y, that looks like Free Willy and the Seabreacher J, that features a much more approachable porpoise-based paint job.

Every model is built to the exact specifications of the pilot and features front and rear LCD screens for all-round visibility, a marine audio system for blasting out the tunes and a custom paint job of the punter's choosing.


Powered by a 256bhp supercharged engine, the Seabreacher J can actually leap out of the water like a real dolphin.

A spokesperson at Seabreacher said: “Over ten years of meticulous engineering and extensive testing have resulted in a very safe and stable watercraft that can endure the continuous punishment of the marine environment.”

And, according to official blurb, every craft is “approved for recreational use and sale by the US Coast Guard, and can be registered as a conventional inboard powerboat in most countries.”

Interested parties need to head to seabreacher.com to custom-order their underwater plaything.

Picture from Seabreacher