Meet the ‘Cutemobile’; officially the world’s smallest car.

While it doesn’t look much like a car – having more in common with battery powered children’s ride-on toys, the Cutemobile is in fact fully road-legal, with lights, indicators and number plates.

It’s the brain-child of Texas based Austin Coulson who mated a baby’s pram to a quad bike before dressing it up in bodywork (he says) is reminiscent of a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Measuring in at just 63.5cm high, 65.41cm wide and 126.47cm long, it took the title from the previous record holder, the UK-based ‘Wind-Up’ created by Perry Watkins.

The Cutemobile has a top speed of 33mph, though this feels like 100mph, according to Coulson, due to its lack of suspension.

“When people see me in this car the first reaction is usually ‘there’s no way that car is legal’, because everyone has a perception that there is a specific size requirement,” Coulson told ITN news.

“But there actually isn’t for law. People are pretty surprised. They just want to have their picture taken with it.”

Unfortunately Coulson has no plans to produce more examples of his record-breaking vehicle. However, if you fancy your own dinky runabout, you can browse our classifieds for the compact Smart Fortwo here.