This is the Pal-V One Helicycle, which has been voted the flying car concept most likely to become a reality.

Maxim magazine recently gathered a number of experts to discuss flying car concepts and vote on the most likely to reach production.

The winner was the Pal-V craft, which is a two-seat, three-wheeled motorcycle and gyrocopter. When on the road the rotors and tail are tucked in, but within 10 minutes they can be deployed to make the vehicle ready for flying.

Robert Dingemanse, the company’s CEO, told the Daily Mail: “Clearly it is impressive that a magazine with a readership of close to 9 million people would recognise the work we have done to create a flying car that actually conforms to existing regulations and is safe to fly.”

He promises significant updates over the next few months as production manufacturing of the One Limited Edition model begins, and says the craft is close to being certified to fly under FAR 27 regulations.

The vehicle has a 230bhp, four-cylinder engine and can reach 112mph in the air and on the ground. In road guise it’ll do 0-60mph in ‘under eight seconds’.

Once airborne, the gyrocopter is designed to cruise at low altitudes of below 4,000ft and pilots will require a Sports Pilot Certificate to fly. It requires a runway of 540ft for take-off, however it needs just 100ft to land.

Ninety will be built and 25 have been allocated to North America. Pal-V expects deliveries to begin in 2018.