Paul Baker – Wales – Supporting ‘Captain Jesse Hughes’ Youth Club and Community Centre

Paul Baker helps. He is always willing to give someone a lift or a helping hand without ever expecting anything in return. He helped a friend learn how to drive a car, helped him pass the test and even let him borrow money to buy a car while his friend made payments. He helps elderly neighbours with chores around the house, giving them a lift to shops and offers to help people that are stranded. He always puts himself last and NEVER spoils himself. He has worked as an ambulance driver and his current work as a University researcher has brought him on contract to Holyhead on Anglesey where he has become aware of how isolated some of the older town residents are, and how few facilities there are local kids. So he’s helping …

Why should you vote for Paul?

Paul’s work as a contract University Researcher has recently brought him to Holyhead, the port on the tip of Anglesey that most people these days ignore as they queue for the ferry to Dublin. But although the port enjoys a spectacular coastline, a truly ‘Royal’ Royal Air Force base and is only an hour or so from Britain’s highest mountain, the town has fallen behind in recent years. As a result, Paul has quickly got into his routine of helping elderly neighbours by carrying out chores and driving them around.

As he says; “A newer car would give me more opportunity to help some of the local elderly folks. Holyhead sometimes feels a bit isolated, and I would love to be able to help people get back their independence. I like to help make it possible for older people to live in their own home. Sometimes just being able to get to the shops makes all the difference. “

Paul has also noticed the poor facilities available for local kids, typified by the ‘Captain Jesse Hughes’ Youth Club and Community Centre and asked that if he won a donation should be made to Holyhead Forward, the Welsh Assembly’s development fund aimed at redeveloping facilities such as this with the aim of reinvigorating the local community.

Paul’s chosen cause – ‘Captain Jesse Hughes Youth Club’ and Community Centre, and Holyhead Forward – Communities First

Communities First is a ten-year community regeneration programme administered and funded by the Welsh Assembly Government with a view to improving the lives of people in Wales' most deprived communities. Over 100 wards in Wales have qualified for inclusion, including four areas in Holyhead. These Partnerships together employ over 30 staff and are involved in a wide range of community regeneration projects. The Welsh Assembly is currently reviewing future arrangements in the light of new statistics.

Youth & Family Support Activities

Various youth clubs and activities are being regularly organised in Holyhead. Many activities for young people and children are provided at community centres and at sporting venues. Recent initiatives include a new youth club and a music initiative. A Holyhead-wide youth consultation is being arranged by the community partnerships. A Youth Action Team regularly meets at Holyhead High School, administered by Porthyfelin Partnership. Different activities and projects are also underway to help families in various ways. A new community cr?che has been created at Morawelon. A new pre/after school club has been provided at the St.Mary's school site.

Learn more about Holyhead Forward – Community First

We asked Paul what being named “most deserving” would mean to him. Are you happy to be nominated?

Yes – and very surprised

If you won, what difference would a newer car make to your life and how would you use it?

“Having something a bit more reliable than the old car we have at the moment would be good. It has a gearbox problem at the moment, so my wife might be a bit happier driving something that worked properly – and that would mean we had a lot more freedom to get about.”

What sort of car would you choose and why?

“I'd like a newer Renault Megan or something like a Ford Focus. I think my wife would prefer that we had an automatic too.”

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