McLaren has revealed the next model in its ‘Ultimate Series’ line-up of hypercars, which is due to arrive in 2020.

The new car will be an open-cockpit roadster, and is being touted as the lightest machine ever produced by McLaren’s road-going Automotive division.

It is set to be close in spirit to other cars in the British firm’s line-up, featuring a silhouette similar to the 720S. Its engine is said to be similar in spec to the 789bhp motor found in the McLaren Senna.

Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive chief executive, said: “At McLaren Automotive we are consistently pushing the boundaries to deliver the purest and most engaging driving experience whether for the road or track.

“Our two current ultimate series cars, the Senna and Speedtail, offer unique and distinct driving experiences. Now this new addition to the Ultimate Series, an open-cockpit roadster, will take road-focused driving pleasure to new levels.”

Just 399 of these roadsters – which are yet to be given a model name ��� will be built, with pricing expected to fall between the £750,000 price tag of the Senna, and the £2.1m asking price for the Speedtail.

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