By Sophie Williamson-Stothert

To celebrate the start of production of its new limited-run 675LT supercar, McLaren has spoiled us with a video teaser of the 666bhp machine ripping up the tarmac on track. But if you’re thinking of placing an order, you’re a little too late.

The 675 Long Tail, first unveiled back in March at the Geneva Motor Show, is the most powerful model of McLaren’s Super Series and, according to the Woking-based firm, all 500 examples are already sold out.

Following in the footsteps of the closely related 650S Coupe, the 675 Long Tail is based on the same foundations, only it’s 100kg lighter. McLaren engineers have also managed to squeeze an extra 25bhp from the 3.8-litre V8 twin-turbocharged engine, resulting in a final power output of 666bhp and 700Nm of torque. This means it can sprint from 0-62mph in eye-blinking 2.9 seconds and will accelerate all the way to 205mph.

Despite costing an eye-widening £259,500, all 675LTs have been reserved by eager collectors. The rest of us will have to make do with the video above.

Dissapointed to have missed out on the 675LT? You can search for other McLarens, including the sublime 12C, here.

Chris Lloyd


July 15, 2015