The man who tried to save the life of a car dealer after a horrific car crash has posted an emotional tribute on Facebook and is urging everyone to learn CPR.

Richard Howman, 41, was on way to work when he came across an accident where a motorcycle collided with a tractor in Priddy, Somerset.

The motorcyclist, Shaun Morgan, 42, died at the scene despite the efforts of Mr Howman and off duty doctors to revive him, which was followed by the arrival of an ambulance.

Mr Morgan, a father of two, was a car dealer in Bristol and was described by his father as ‘a beautiful son’ on social media.

Mr Howman, a former army medic, took to Facebook to give his response to the incident. He is now urging everyone to learn CPR and is considering teaching people himself.

He said: “The reason I’m on here is to tell you, go out and learn basic life-support, do it tomorrow. Life is so, so short.”

“We did everything we could. He had the best people around him and we could hold his hand, tidy his hair and comfort him.

‘In the moment, how I felt, I thought people should see how raw this is. I wanted to try and make something positive out of this.

“Unfortunately, it was a sad outcome this time but you can actually save someone’s life.”