An Italian businessman has destroyed his own BMW sports car with an axe out of frustration with the car’s poor reliability and the bad customer service he has received.

Marble dealer Pourmohseni Hadi had been back and forth to BMW over a four-year period, with problems ranging from vibrations, interior rattles and a violent jolting when changing gears – not things you would expect from a car that cost around £90,000 when new.

Tired of being forever passed back and forth between BMW Italia and the company’s headquarters in Munich, Hadi decided – wisely or not – to vent his anger on the car itself, and he and a sledgehammer wielding pal casually went to work on it.

What’s more, rather than do it on his own driveway, Hadi drove to last week’s Frankfurt motor show – Germany’s largest automotive event – and carried out his attack in front of stunned passers by.

He even brought along a little broom to sweep up bits of his M6 off the road when he was finished, so as to not get in trouble with the police, who inevitably showed up as soon as the axe was fetched from the boot.

Speaking to Germany’s Bild newspaper, Mr Hadi said: “BMW Italia and the Munich headquarters have pushed the responsibility back and forth. I have written BMW a letter – no response. Now I answer! With this action!”

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Daljinder Nagra


September 17, 2013