Speed cameras are never going to be hugely popular amongst motorists, but new research has found that those who cover high mileages every year are more critical of speed cameras than less frequent drivers.

New research carried out by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has found that motorists who clock up many thousands of miles every year are much more dismissive of speed cameras, with many branding them as simply a “money making tool”.

In an attempt to uncover the reasons behind the animosity felt towards speed cameras by long distance drivers, the IAM quizzed high mileage and low and average mileage drivers to see how opinions varied based on how much people, drove.


Around 60 per cent of respondents thought the authorities had ulterior motives when introducing new speed cameras.

The study found that 60 per cent of respondents believed that there were ulterior motives to the installation of speed cameras, rather than them simply being erected to improve road safety, reports Motoring Research.

Similarly, when asked whether they were happy with speed cameras being placed alongside roads to identify law breakers 28 per cent of high mileage drivers found this unacceptable, compared with just 18 per cent of average and low mileage motorists.

Despite there being around 6,000 speed cameras dotted across the UK network, drivers’ thoughts on whether these were a valid deterrent against speeding, or simply a revenue raising technique, is anything but clear, especially amongst those who drive more often.

Picture: Brian Jackson

Chris Lloyd


July 28, 2015