Driving in London can be a fraught experience. Whether it’s militant cyclists, confusing traffic regulations, or the risk of being automatically fined by an all-seeing CCTV camera, there are many perils awaiting the uninitiated motorist who’s ventured into the capital.

Now, London motorists have yet another thing to moan about, as the city has been crowned the most expensive place in the world to park a car, after a study by driveway classifieds website parkatmyhouse.com.

Drivers looking to store their car for the day in the capital face an average charge of £42 – more than three times the price of parking in the UK’s other major cities, including Manchester and Birmingham, which cost an average of £12 and £10 respectively.

The research, which analysed prices paid for a mixture of commercial and private parking spaces, showed that London also came out more expensive than other notoriously congested cities such as New York and Tokyo.

Demand for parking in the capital is now so fierce, some central London car parks are charging a whopping £75 per day.

The city’s exclusive Mayfair district is also the site of the world’s most expensive car parking space, which was sold for £300,000 last August.

And in Knightsbridge, a luxury parking service based in Kingston House will allow motorists the use of extra wide bays, lined with padded pillars, for an eye-watering £13,000 a year.

Anthony Eskinazi, founder of parkatmyhouse.com, said: “The prices in London are just crazy. Little wonder Boris leaves the car at home.”

Picture: Fotolia