Which city can boast the world’s greatest taxis? It’s a question that’s sure to get a few heads scratching.

Is it the teutonic efficiency of Berlin’s fleet of beige Mercedes, or perhaps the wise-cracking chutzpah of the New York taxi driver?

Or perhaps it’s the simplicity and accessibility of Bangkok’s Tuk Tuks?

Well, in fact, the answer can be found a little closer to home – it turns out tourists reckon the best taxis in the world can be found in our very own capital city.

That’s right – London is home to the planet’s finest taxis, according to the results of a survey just released by

Apparently, the London cabbie is considered the friendliest and most skilful, and his local knowledge the best of any the world over.

What’s more, London’s black cabs are reckoned to be the cleanest and safest, too.

In fact, of the seven categories in the poll, the city’s taxis lost out on the top spot in just two.

Apparently, both New York and Bangkok’s taxi services were found to offer better value for money, while the former’s were also said to be the easiest to hail.

The survey also uncovered a few bizarre items that had been left in taxis, which included a bird in a cage, a prosthetic leg – and even an ex-boyfriend!

The result will come as a boost to London’s cab drivers, who have seen their chariot of choice – the TX4 – facing an uncertain future in recent months.

LTI, the cab’s manufacturer, went into administration in October 2012, and the majority of the company’s workforce was made redundant.

But in February this year, Chinese automotive firm Geely stepped in and bought the business and principal assets of LTI.

The company has since said that it’s “committed to working with all stakeholders to build a solid future for the black cab business that will enable it to return to profitability and grow substantially.”

Daljinder Nagra


November 7, 2013

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