In an attempt to combat the threatening beahviour by some motorists, lollipop ladies will now hold sticks containing a hidden camera.

The cameras will be built into the black strip of the lollipop signs or contained inside the patrolhats and will be capable of recording anyabusive behaviour from drivers.

This action follows after 1,400 lollipop rage incidents were reported to the council last year. Many lollipop men and women have been injured after being hit by cars, and they have also suffered regular abuse and intimidation.

The Local Government Association commented this week saying: “lives of children are at risk from increasing numbers of selfish drivers refusing to stop for 30 seconds at a school crossing."

“We’ll do everything in our power to stamp this out. Motorists need to be aware they are committing a criminal offence."

“We hope this new technology will prove an effective deterrent."

One of the first lollipop ladies to use the hat-mounted camera this week was Val Atkins, aged 63, at her pitch in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.