Locals roads have deteriorated in the last 12 months in the eye of almost half of the UK’s motoring population.

According to new research from motoring services firm RAC as part of its 2019 Report on Motoring, 49 per cent of 1,753 drivers believe the condition of locals roads — any that isn’t a motorway or major A-road — are worse now than last year.

Only 11 per cent feel their condition has improved in the same time frame, while 40 per cent say no change has been made at all.

Of those claiming local roads have deteriorated, a staggering 95 per cent blame potholes as the main factor. Litter is also an issue for 23 per cent, while 22 per cent say poor foliage management is a factor.

Drivers in London buck the trend, with 25 per cent of respondents in the capital saying they feel roads are better — though 58 per cent of rural motorists claim local road conditions are worse.

Nicholas Lyes, RAC head of roads policy, said: “Despite data from our patrols revealing fewer of the breakdowns they have attended this year have been related to pothole damage, it seems that drivers still feel that road surfaces are not as good as they should be.

“Those living in rural areas definitely feel more hard done by, perhaps because they rely on their cars more than those in towns and cities so they are more inclined to notice defects that hinder their journeys.”