Van drivers in the UK have been hit with fines worth £1.7m over the last three years for incorrectly parking or stopping loading bays, according to research from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The research also states that an average of 13,000 parking fines have been dished out by councils, per annum, since 2015.

According to VW, the accumulated data suggests an increasingly unclear set of rules on loading bays for van drivers; 23 per cent of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) were successfully appealed.

Van drivers are allowed to stop at loading bays for goods drop-off and collection, but the study from VW indicates that thousands are still unaware of the rules. If, during the process, the vehicle has to be left unattended, it needs to be made clear that loading and loading is on going by turning on the hazard lights.

Details such as time restrictions can vary from council to council, so it is key for commercial vehicle drivers to be aware of the rules in their area.

Sarah Cox, head of marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, commented: “As this research reveals, PCNs are costing businesses thousands of pounds a year when, in fact, they can be avoided completely if you understand the rules correctly. Loading bays are an essential part of the red route network as they allow businesses to access central locations to make and receive important deliveries. As the rules change between councils, it is crucial that you check before you park.”

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